“Woke” ©Upper Caste Youth

by mrnovember

It is easy for me to be “woke” – or rather, be called woke – because you know, I (can) read non mainstream news media, books and journals. I can use their language whenever I wish to. Whenever it benefits me.

In fact I can also read Dalit literature, online and sometimes offline. It is “important” to read “narratives of the oppressed and marginalized” because, hey, I want to be identified as progressive/liberal. It is cool to be identified anything non right wing.

I consume and I reproduce all this, and therefore I must be woke!

Who cares if my family still has a lifestyle dependent on the casteist tradition of maids and helpers – subservient underpaid workers who must not talk back, share food or complain.

Our maids and servants can never be woke. They don’t read nuanced literature.